The Leather used in our unique products

The Leather used in our unique products

Hey EVERYONE, I hope you’re all doing just GREAT !!

So, many of you guys have asked about the process behind the Leather used in our unique products.

Well, wonder no more. In the next lines, we’ll go through this process that has been used since the 11th Century…

As many of you already know, our business is based in the Ochre city of Marrakech. A city worldly known for not only its historical monuments, splendid hotels, and succulent dishes, but also for its tanneries.

Inside the tanneries, skins coming from slaughterhouses go through 7 STAGES before turning into a beautiful piece of leather. These are the stages :


  • Salt and Water: skins are thrown into a 2,5-meter deep vat (hole) for two days. Up to 120 skins are thrown in the hole in order to wash them.


  • Limestone: after two days in the previous vat, skins are transferred to another vat filled with lime, which is a mineral used to remove the hair from the already-washed skins. They also lose some of their colors in the process. The vat contains 300 units.


  • Guano: This time, the skins are thrown in another vat filled with Guano, which is an organic fertilizer used to soften the skins. 3 days are needed in this stage.


  • Bran: the next vat is filled with a mixture of bran and flour. Bran is the hard outer layers of cereal grain, and the mixture is used like Guano to soften the skins and give them a kind of white color.


  • Mimosa: This is a plant that is used in the dyeing process. Other vegetable colors can be used :


  • Poppy flowers for Red color ;
  • Indigo Plant for Blue ;
  • Henna Tree for Orange ;
  • Saffron for Yellow.


  • Drying: Skins are laid on the roof to dry for a whole day under the shining sun.


  • Cutting: Skins are taken inside rooms where some artisans peel off the remaining hair out of the skin with a sharp tool, polish the interior side of the skin and cut the skins in whatever form our clients wish for.


This whole process looks kind of easy, but it really isn’t. It takes long days and hard work to make a perfect piece of leather. But in the end, Our loyal customers deserve the best products, and all the hard work is paid off when our customers are satisfied !!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Blog. And remember, your satisfaction is what helps us give the best we can.

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