Moroccan Genuine Leather

You cannot inspect the quality of our products, because it is already there!

We design and build the longest lasting most durable leather backpacks, briefcases, wallets, satchels and duffle bags for personal and corporate gifts.

We adapt our designs according to the characteristics of each leather, so each piece is unique and special.

All the Goods presented in our website are purely handmade and have a hidden story during their handmade and natural processing.

The Leather used in the manufacturing of the bags and accessories is vegetable-tanned Leather. As a piece of information, While chromium or chrome-tanned leather is cheaper to produce, and the colors stay constant for more extended, Genuine vegetable-tanned Leather has the longevity and beauty only an artisanally-crafted product can sustain.

Due to the artisanal nature of the tanning process, Vegetable-tanned leather is more expensive than chrome leather. It's usually used for high-end handmade leather goods.

The long, slow traditional techniques used to process the hides for vegetable-tanned leather means that vegetable-tanned leather goods continue to soften and develop a beautiful patina as they age. While this method of tanning does use quite a bit of water, it does not pollute the environment the way the chromium-based leather tanning process does. There is also less machinery, and so less electricity, involved with the vegetable tanning process.