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Leather Dopp Kit

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🧔Perfect shaving kit🧔

Handmade with full-grain Moroccan cowhide, our Dopp Kits feature a simple and classic design. A zippered top keeps your toiletries secure, and the minimalist interior provides easy access for all your daily essentials. Strong, durable, and watertight, the leather used to make this product features a natural suede interior and a simple, elegant. Our oil-tanned leather is easy to care for and only gets better with use, ensuring your Dopp kit will be a favored travel companion for years to come.


All of our leather is the highest quality Moroccan oil-tanned cowhides.


✺Brown Darker

✺Honey Brown



Same price for all sizes

22 cm × 10 cm ×10 cm
9” x 4” x 4”

At MartLeather, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality of leather available. With full-grain leather, the unique texture and natural imperfections from the cow’s life have not been removed from the hide. This means your makeup bag may have some small scars and imperfections – but not only do these marks lend a tremendous amount of character to your bag, but they are also signs that you’re getting the best leather available. Rather than wearing out, full-grain leather will naturally condition with use, developing a much sought-after patina over time. Truly, the more you use it, the better it will look and feel!


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Relax knowing you're in good hands. The 100-day Money back warranty is a great way to make sure your purchase meets expectations, and if it doesn't? We'll take care of everything!

Moroccan leather

The traditional style leather with its smooth surface and natural finish, originally from Morocco.

How to care for your bag

If you do get any watermarks on suede or Nubuck leather, use a dry clean cloth and gently rub the surface. 

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