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Envelope leather clutch

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The Envelope star clutch

This clutch has a main zippered pocket, hiding pocket with zip, And back pocket with zip as well.

You could wear this clutch for all event whether for shopping, casuel, party...etc

The clutch has also an adjustable strap so you could wear it as crossbody cluch as well.

It comes in black but you could personalize the color of your choice.

If you intend to own a special wallet or gift it to someone you care about let me tell you that you just find it so Buy It now, Wear It, Feel it and let me know your opinion about it.


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Moroccan leather

The traditional style leather with its smooth surface and natural finish, originally from Morocco.

How to care for your bag

If you do get any watermarks on suede or Nubuck leather, use a dry clean cloth and gently rub the surface. 

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