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Envelope leather clutch

$79.99 $99.99
The Envelope star clutch

This clutch has a main zippered pocket, hiding pocket with zip, And back pocket with zip as well.

You could wear this clutch for all event whether for shopping, casuel, party...etc

The clutch has also an adjustable strap so you could wear it as crossbody cluch as well.

It comes in black but you could personalize the color of your choice.

If you intend to own a special wallet or gift it to someone you care about let me tell you that you just find it so Buy It now, Wear It, Feel it and let me know your opinion about it.

Do you want a beautiful work of art ?

Look no further.

Here at Martleather we have some of the best work in the leather industry.

We provide original items, and a fast shipping.

Envelope leather clutch

$79.99 $99.99
  • Processing time & Shipping

    Our bag are handmade to order. Please allow 5-7 business days for order preparation.

    All orders are shipped via DHL Express (3-5 business days) and tracking is provided upon shipment.

  • The process behind our Leather

    Our Moroccan sourced leather is incredibly easy to care for. With time and use, the natural oils in the leather will rise to the surface, developing a beautiful patina and smoothing any scuffs or scratches that may have accumulated. Learn more about caring for your new leather product.

    Learn more the process behind the Leather used in our unique products..

  • Our vision

    Our business started with a simple dream: bringing our creations to the four corners of the world.

    This dream, thanks to our small family, became true. We moved from
    being a small local shop, to a worldwide business. Loyal customers from
    all over the world are just satisfied with the work we do.

    Nevertheless, our vision is much bigger than that. We are aiming to
    be famous, well-known brand. People would talk about MARTLEATHER and
    everyone would get the reference.

    We have the Will and the Dedication for that, and we are going to make that happen.